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LONG ROAD TRIP with a toddler and children Survival tips

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Have you ever gone on a trip with your kids and felt so frustrated each single minute?🤦‍♀️. Yeah, that’s me🤣 . Last year, I took a trip to San Francisco


Stressing!! My little stinker (baby) doesn’t wanna drink milk at all, doesn’t he need it for his little bones? Please help if you have any suggestions :)

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So, my little stinker (son) is 23 months now and we can not wait to celebrate his TWO year birthday yay!!💃🏽but this little stinker refuses to drink his regular milk.


Things every woman should know before having a baby!

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Children are a blessing!! I do agree 100% coz I love mine very much BUT I have exceptions 😶😬. I like them when they are babies from 0-8 months and