Wedding Bliss

If you were a Bride to be, what would be your one thing that you would want to be PERFECT on your Big Day? I am talking about that one thing that “has to be legit” for you to feel like WOW, my Big Day was a success!As for me, if I were to become a Bride for another time in my life LOL, okay, short story for those who didn’t know. I was once married, got divorced and thought I will never do this marriage thing again but things have changed and I think I am not opposed to it as I was after I got divorced. That’s if I were to meet the right person though.

Anyway, for me, the one thing that I would be so “picky” about and that would have to be LEGIT, LEGIT for me to feel WOW!! would be everything about my whole attire. From head to toe. I think I would want it very simple but very detailed.

So, this is what I do on my spare time. I love browsing through different sites for everything wedding. I love seeing what other people do and like and all that sorts of stuff. So, here is my collection to start with and I will keep adding more and more! Tell me what you think 🙂