LONG ROAD TRIP with a toddler and children Survival tips


Have you ever gone on a trip with your kids and felt so frustrated each single minute?🤦‍♀️. Yeah, that’s me🤣 . Last year, I took a trip to San Francisco with my then 1 and 1/2 yro and my 12 yro son(s). However, while on the trip and after the trip, I told myself never again. I vowed to myself to never travel for leisure with my kids until my little one was at least 5 yrs. I will try as much as possible to find fun activities to do around our neighbor hood and that’s it.

But of course, just like how quick we women, forget about how tough “labor pains were when giving birth” and go on to have more babies, well, I forgot all about the vow I made to myself from last year’s trip. So, I made a mistake and planned a ROAD trip with my kid’s this year 😂😁🤣.

We got so excited though and it was fun on the road. My dad accompanied us so it made the trip more fun well, that’s until we arrived at our destination which was Los Angeles. The whole trip from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles was about 10 hrs total. We took a long break in Las Vegas of course which made the trip not seem as long. When we got to our destination, we were hungry and just wanted to get out and explore the area we were a little bit while finding a good place to eat.

Came back to the hotel, went and lounged at the pool/hot tub and of course this is when I realized yep, the whole trip is gonna be a roller coaster ride . My 2 yro wouldn’t wanna come out of the pool while it was closing time. So, he screamed and loudly cried and cried, worst part is the cry wasn’t even a cute baby cry nope, it was the ugly cry LOL.

But not only that, all he wanted to do was play even when everybody else was tired and it was bed time. Well, the next day we woke up so excited to go to the beach and play but boom💥 the weather was so bad. It was so windy. We managed to get to the beach though and interesting enough there were a lot of people, surfing, exercising, walking and playing volleyball. Well, Amani (my 2 yro) was so excited about the sand and the beach all together so, the first thing he did was laying on it (the sand) but loh and behold, with the wind blowing of course sand got in his little eyes and everything changed. All the fun went away, it was as if a bird came and pooped on all of our heads 😒🤣. He cried and cried and cried and wouldn’t move anywhere but sit where he was. At this moment, I wished I was a millionaire so I could just order my private helicopter to come and get us the hell out of there. I started thinking more crazier about my vow that I made from the San Fran trip but I knew nothing was gonna change at this moment. So I told myself, “Cynthia, you are gonna have to find a way everyday after spending the whole day with the kids to distress so you too can enjoy this damn trip.”

So, these are a few things I re-learned during my road trip which I think anybody with kids and thinking of taking a road trip for the first time should consider;

  1. Get a cooler and load it with favorite munchies and drinks
  2. Take a blanket
  3. Have a tablet with WIFI so they can watch their favorite show(s) while you are driving
  4. Take rest room breaks often and stretch, let the toddler run around
  5. Do not drive when feeling drowsy

When at the hotel/(your destination)

  1. Have the kids sleep in one bed and as an adult sleep by yourself ***THIS IS CRUCIAL***
  2. Take an hour or so for yourself every night and soak yourself in the hot tub or have a quiet moment at the bar with a glass of wine
  3. Have the kids watch TV while you are having a “me” time LOL
  4. Have the kids go swim for an hour or more before going to sleep, it tires them and they crush like a log

We drove back to Salt Lake after 8 days in Cali and the drive didn’t seem bad at all. I was so excited to get home and sleep in my own bed LOL.

What are your fun and memorable road trip stories?

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