This Fragile world!! You cannot say anything now a days without being found OFFENSIVE?


The amazing generation we live in –Everybody is sensitive. You can’t even be honest with people because someone is going to feel offended or be all up in their feelings for something you said. I think I have become weak myself because from due to the fear of “what if.”

What I mean by that is for instance; What if I tell somebody how SHIT TRULLY is and they “kill themselves?” I mean, this is truly a fear for me. I deeply understand and am sensitive to MENTAL HEALTH problems but for some reason these days, it seems like “ending your life” aka “committing suicide” in the name of mental health is or has become a thing.

If you really think about it, everybody has some type of a mental problem starting with myself of course. But people do shitty things and put it under “mental issue” umbrella. Nah bruh, you just need to acknowledge your dumb shit and that you are acting stupid. Remember when boy’s were not told to cry because it was a sign of weakness? Okay, I now understand why it’s actually important to tell not just boys but even girls to MAN UP and to GIRL UP. And, yes, there is a way to go about it where we can tune in and be sensitive and understanding when our young men are actually experiencing pain or going through something and be there with them and allow them to let it out through tears. BUT there is also some strength built when we tell our young men/boys that boy’s don’t cry they instead face their fear or whatever the situation is and tackle that shit by man-ing up. Try to imagine if every time a little boy or girl cries because of whatever we just let them, and tell them it’s okay to cry. Imagine the impact of that emotional instability when they grow up then times that by 100 more other craziness that as humans we are typically born with. It would be a sick world. Maybe, it’s  the changes we are going through as individuals, maybe it’s just the the world changing so much so fast and we are not even realizing how fast and destructive the speed is and can be for our own good. Or maybe the DEVIL has just advanced to another level of degree that it’s easy to wrap us all in his massive darkness. I don’t know but this bullshit ERA  of “everything being offensive” needs to ENDDDDDDDD!!!

Anyway, coming back to the actual topic, I have personally found myself to be doing this before I respond to any advise requests from friends or family on any situation. Because I know myself, I am too BLUNT and if I were to count how many people I have offended in the past few years for telling them how things really are, the list will probably never end. So, what I usually do when it comes to offering suggestions or if someone walks up to me could be a friend or family and share their hurtful/joyful situations with me then asked what I think? I am now accustomed to saying Do you TRULLY wanna KNOW what I THINK OR  Do you wanna HEAR what you wanna hear meaning what would make you feel happy. There is a difference.  And, because I don’t wanna be caught in the “you hurt my feelings” type situation I’d rather asked upfront what exactly are we trying to achieve out of this ADVISE a person is requesting.

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