Anxiety, Pain and finding life’s purpose


Happy Sabbath loves!! Hope you got to enjoy the day with your family(s). I just wanted to spend a few minutes and post only encouraging  words today. Who else feels like their WORLD is in shambles and PAIN? cause I do.

Seems like the world is in self destruct mode and there is PAIN and ANGUISH everywhere. I look around starting with friends, whats shown on TV, the News, Social media etc seems like maybe “THE END?” Like, everybody seems to be searching for something. It’s crazy. Life has become so stressful, drugs are everywhere, there is so much confusion, frustration, depression, anger, animosity, no LOVE or respect for one another, bad governments, corruption, assaults, wars, floods, hunger you name it!!

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So much bad is going on in this world but I want to believe there is so much GOOD as well happening and its not been seen. The freaking DEVIL is real and is working so hard on us. But GOD is GOOD as always.

I have been blessed with so much good in my life. I work hard as well because for me, thats my way of telling GOD thank you for all the blessings he is giving me. But every now and then I feel internal attacks such as feeling overwhelmed with life. I don’t know if some experiences come as a person grows or if it’s just an individual thing that happens to me. Trust me, I am the first to admit that I believe in the power of prayer and whenever I feel this way I pray and pray because its such a very weird experience.

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I have noticed too that it’s a routinely thing because it occurs after every so often, its just weird!!  Anyway, I just wanna say that, we all are going through something. Like my pastor once said, YOU ARE EITHER GOING THROUGH THE STORM, COMING OUT OF IT, or EXPERIENCING IT. So, whatever your situation is, dont give up and dont lose HOPE. Stay humble and keep praying to your most high and let be. When you are struggling remember to thank him just as much as when you are happy.

I wish ya’ll a wonderful work week or whatever you will be doing. Stay blessed and grateful❤️



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  1. Nancy says:

    Girl, call me. I’m here for you whatever you need.

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