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A checklist for a Happier marriage. 5 Major things to check off before getting married

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So, if you have IG or any social media account am sure you have seen the many outrageous beautiful displays of people getting engaged and amazing weddings. Sometimes when I watch such “performances” lol I wonder if they are real or if they are all for show and maybe these people don’t last even a […]


Did you know your “ADDICTIONS” are a result of your “WEAKNESSES”

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Have you ever prayed for something with all your heart, mind and strength and waited anxiously and patiently for God to show you the sings? Well, I HAVE! You know, we always hear it been said, God will answer your prayers and it might not be directly but sometimes indirectly through others. I BELIEVE. The […]


A woman’s Perfect body. Big Boobs, Big Titties

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